Reasons Why You Should Use A Bicycle

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10 Reasons Why You Should Use A Bicycle

We have become a very comfortable and, quite frankly, lazy people considering all of the different transportation methods we have today, like trains, cars buses and so on.

We often forgot some of the simpler and more healthy ways of moving around. And that’s taking the bike, instead of the car.

Now it’s only natural to take the car or the bus to work if you have a one hour drive ahead of you. But if we’re only talking about a few miles here and there then why not use the old of bike of yours instead?

Just strap on the bike helmet and make sure you have everything you need, then you are good to go.

I’ve noticed that our incredibly evolved and high-tech society is providing us with shortcuts all of the time. I also use these shortcuts, so don’t go thinking that I’m hypocritical, but I at least try to be a healthier person. How?

I take the bike more often.

And that’s why I wanted to share some of my top 10 reasons on why you should use a bicycle, instead of your car or the bus, if you have the chance that is and opportunity that is.

Keep on reading for my 10 reasons of using the bike, in no particular order.

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10. It’s a healthier habit

commuter bike to work 1Overall, choosing your bike over your car or the local bus is healthier habit. Just consider the fact that you sit still for the better part of your ride in a car or on the bus, and when you take your bike you are constantly moving since you have to peddle to even get somewhere.

9. You increase your overall energy levels

Believe it or not, you actually become more energetic when you take bike around more often than taking the car. The reason is because you increase your metabolism and conditioning (which we’ll get to) when you keep on peddling, making you a stronger person who can last longer during the day without feeling tired or burned out.

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8. You get a better blood flow

By taking the bike you actually get a better blood flow, resulting in an overall healthier body. An increased blood flow allows your organs to receive more than enough blood to support and boost their functions.

7. It’s very good for your heart

Taking your bicycle is also very good for your heart as you push it to work harder and improve it’s overall blood pumping mechanism, which makes this reason directly related to number 7 on this list.

6. You become more active

commuter bike to work 4When you constantly keep on taking your bike everywhere you can, you also feel more active which in turn gives you the motivation to keep on taking the bike instead of the car. Just don’t forget to attach a bike light to it if you’re going out into the dark. And that’s the more reason why you should bike to work.

5. You increase and improve your conditioning

As I previously talked about, taking the bike is good for your heart since you increase the blood flow. Well this one is directly related to that one as well since you automatically work your heart and lungs in a way that you can increase your overall conditioning and become physically stronger.

4. It’s easier to sleep at night if you use the bike more often

If you start taking the bike more often than your car you’ll start to notice one thing in particular, that you are sleeping much better than before. This isn’t really because of the bike itself, but rather based on the fact that you feel more tired at night when you’ve taken the bike all day. This allows you to sleep earlier and much deeper.

commuter bike to work 33. You get stronger legs

On top of everything I’ve just mentioned, you also get a pair of stronger legs that can lift and last more than before. So go try some squats and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Just consider the fact that you always have to peddle to get somewhere with a bike. So if you have one mile to work and you take the bike every day then that’s two miles of peddling every single day.

You get the picture, right? If you want strong legs then start doing squats and bicycling a lot.

2. It’s better for the environment

And of course, bicycling is much better for the environment since you practically never release any toxic fumes that’s dangerous for the ozone layer and environment in general. The only way you could ever be a danger to the environment when you take your bike is to ride it while spraying the air with freon-based spray cans in both of your hands.

But that’s not really going to happen, right?

1. It’s a flexible transportation method

commuter bike to work 2Taking your bike is also a very flexible way of transportation, considering the fact that you never have to look for any kind of parking space, or pay for taxes, or pay insurance and so on. Taking the bike is flexible in every single way possible, from parking it to dealing with paperwork.

You pay for it once and you’re good to go.


So what have we learned today? That bikes are good, I’m sure. But in all seriousness the bicycle is often a much more clever choice when it comes to transportation during shorter trips due to all of the obvious advantages.

I mean, you get a simple transportation method that you only pay for once for and then never have to think about anything else besides riding it.

Well, you need to remember the bike helmet and bike light, always safety first.

So if you want a healthier lifestyle, stronger body and be able to help the environment then the bicycle just might be the thing for you.

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